17 Amazing Avocado Recipe Ideas That You Are Going To Love

Ladies, avocados are easily one of my favorite foods and let me tell you why. They are creamy and so nutrient dense it’s just mind blowing. First off they contain 20% of your daily recommended allowance of Folate! So if your pregnant or trying to get pregnant, this precious food is for you!

And if you still aren’t sold on why avocados are so great here are a few more reasons to start eating them on the reg!

  • Vitamin K: 26% of the RDA (recommended daily allowance)
  • Vitamin C: 17% of the RDA
  • Vitamin B5: 14% of the RDA
  • Potassium: 14% of the RDA
  • Vitamin B6: 13% of the RDA
  • Vitamin E: 10% of the RDA

Avocados also contain trace amounts of Magnesium and Iron, along with a handful of other nutritious goodies! 

So if you are an avocado lover or hater, hopefully you find this video compelling and start eating more avocados today! 🙂

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