Friday, July 21, 2017
pallet furniture

10 Inspiring Pallet Ideas To Get You Excited For Your Next DIY

So many perfect ideas to repurpose old pallets. 1.) Bathroom shelves 2.) Pallet Coffee Table 3.) Sliding door 4.) Outdoor bar 5.) Outdoor loveseat 6.) Kitchen shelf 7.) Jewelry Shelf 8.) Outdoor large bar 9.) Double Seater w/ small table 10.) A Complete Pallet Wall  11.) Low Pallet Coffee Table 12.)...
pretty lady

Coconut Oil Is The Secret To Glamming Out, Naturally

I'm amazed that one small jar of coconut oil can do so much! It's truly an amazing household product. I recently went for a long run and took a pretty bad fall, and ended up...
woman drinks water

Your DIY Gatorade Recipe Awaits You!

I have to begin by saying, I love gatorade. It's delicious and after a long, sweat-filled workout and it tastes amazing. It makes me feel re-energized and refreshed immediately. There are however, a few major...
laughing couple

Hilarious DIY Video Courtesy Of My Husband

We crack up whenever we watch Buzzfeed's "Nifty" DIY videos, and after all the jokes he finally made his own DIY video and brought all our laughs to life. Good job honey! ❤️👍🏼
rose garden

10 Simple Tips To Growing A Beautiful Rose Garden In Your Backyard

Don't be intimidated by tackling a rose garden, this precious little video will show you how grow roses the right way.