Sunday, February 18, 2018


We live in a time when "love" is distorted. It's been molded and shaped into a concept that deviates God's original design. Love, by the world's standards is conditional. It's about what you can get, rather than living a selfless life, love often follows a selfish life. Redefining love and bringing it back to it's most pure form. The best way to look at love is to see that love is a decision. It's decision, not a feeling. Feelings come and go. Sometimes they are strong, sometimes they are weak. I've lived in a relationship where love was a feeling. It was up and down, and unpredictable in the worst way possible. It was highly volatile, and full of chaos and confusion. Thankfully, God redeemed that dark season of my life and brought me into a relationship filled with love and joy. In this section of Thoughtful Woman, we will address dating, engagement, and marriage. We will do our best to bring you the most thoughtful ideas we can find.

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