Sunday, February 18, 2018
elizabeth smart

Elizabeth Smart Shares Her Story And Empowers Women Everywhere To Overcome The Most Tragic...

Elizabeth Smart is the epitome of strength and overcoming the most horrific of circumstances. Hearing her speak about what she went through as a 14 year old girl is deeply moving and may bring...
women listening

Sometimes Women Just Need Men To Listen, Not Try To Fix The Problem

More often than not women just need men to stop and listen and not try to fix things. This video pokes fun at how true that statement is. Women often want to feel heard,...
baby foodie

Baby Foodie In China Is Just Too Cute For Words

This little baby girl has an appetite that inspires me to eat healthier and to try new things!

Your Pregnancy First Trimester Survival Kit Is Here

Being pregnant this winter and trying to manage first trimester sickness was not easy. My husband and I are expecting our first child in October!!! So from February until April, morning sickness was a daily...
woman drinks water

Your DIY Gatorade Recipe Awaits You!

I have to begin by saying, I love gatorade. It's delicious and after a long, sweat-filled workout and it tastes amazing. It makes me feel re-energized and refreshed immediately. There are however, a few major...
vitamin d

Vitamin D – 3 Health Benefits To Get Your Body Feeling Good This Winter

With snow in the air, I know it's time to start taking my vitamin D. Winter without this precious and necessary nutrient can be harsh. There are countless health benefits for the regular consumption or...

Winter Weddings – Don’t Write Off Getting Married In The Winter!

This winter I got married! It was wonderful for so many reasons, but before I share why from a wedding planning perspective I have to say that God has blessed me by bringing me...
kate mckinnon

Actress Kate McKinnon Makes Everyone Laugh In This Skit

This is so funny. SNL has so many hilarious women on the show right now and this little skit brings them all together.
wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses Have Changed A Ton Over The Last 100 Years

My how the styles have changed! Over the last 100 years, we have seen bridal gowns evolve...Thank goodness ;)
apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar Is Amazing And Here’s 16 Reasons Why

It's bitter to taste, but this precious liquid boasts countless health and beauty benefits.