Thursday, June 22, 2017
blake lively

Blake Lively’s Refreshing Interview With Vogue Magazine

You are going to love this beautifully done interview by Vogue magazine. Blake Lively one of the most beloved female celebrities, by women everywhere. I hope you enjoy this sweet interview where she makes...
barre workout

40 Minute Barre Workout Video Is Perfect For Toning Those Hard To Reach Places

I was so sore after just 12 minutes of this! Inner thigh, outer thigh, arms, literally everywhere!
avocado recipe ideas

17 Amazing Avocado Recipe Ideas That You Are Going To Love

Ladies, avocados are easily one of my favorite foods and let me tell you why. They are creamy and so nutrient dense it's just mind blowing. First off they contain 20% of your daily...
jojo fletcher

JoJo Fletcher Tells-All On What It’s Like To Be The Bachelorette

Love! Love! Love! Watch as Jojo answers some thoughtful questions about being the bachelorette. Do contestants get to use cell phones, or the internet while on the 10 week journey to finding love? Get the...
kourtney kardashian

Gluten-Free And Dairy-Free Diet: Kourtney Kardashian Dishes On Her New Healthy Lifestyle

Being gluten-free and dairy-free is no easy feat! I'm always trying to cut back on gluten and dairy so I was interested to hear one of Hollywood's most oddly famous women speak on the...
dakota fanning

Dakota Fanning Has Gone Off The Radar And This Is Why

Where has she been??
kate mara

Kate Mara And 9 Other Actors Who Were Born Wealthy

I would never have guessed that some of these men and women would be on the list.
Joanna Gaines Testimony

Joanna Gaines Shares Her Personal Testimony And It’s Beyond Inspiring [Short Video]

HGTV's Joanna Gaines shares insight into her personal life and details about her marriage, kids, and most importantly, her profound faith in God. Watching this video was truly inspiring for me. There are so few good...
kids dark chocolate

Kids Try Dark Chocolate For The Very 1st Time And Their Reactions Are Precious

I absolutely love dark chocolate, but I can only imagine tasting it as a child it must be so gross! I'll take a wild guess here, but kids typically prefer sweet milk chocolate. As I've gotten older,...