Coconut Oil Is The Secret To Glamming Out, Naturally

I’m amazed that one small jar of coconut oil can do so much! It’s truly an amazing household product. I recently went for a long run and took a pretty bad fall, and ended up skinning my knees pretty bad.

I was worried the fall would leave me scarred for life, and while it still hasn’t fully healed, it is slowly shrinking, thanks to the coconut oil!

I’ve been applying it for the last few months and the scar is slowly fading. Remember though, this isn’t an instant fix. You have to be patient and persistent and remember to apply it daily. This is the part that’s hard for me. But when I use it consistently, my scars begin to heal.

What I loved most about this video was all the different ways she has found it! She recommends using the unrefined coconut oil because it’s better for your body as opposed to refined. Unrefined means nothing has been added to it, which in my opinion is always best.

This video focuses specifically on health and beauty uses for coconut oil. I’d like to specifically mention that it can be used to remove eye makeup, as a lip balm, a body lotion, and an agent for whitening teeth – it’s amazing.

My favorite use is it’s ability to boost your metabolism! By eating two teaspoons a day you can significantly increase your metabolic rate.

So if you’ve never tried adding coconut oil to your daily routine/regime you might want to give it a shot! What do you have to lose?

Have you ever used coconut oil for health, beauty, or other purposes? Tell us in the comments section below. We are looking for all the direction and instruction we can find to live a thoughtful and healthy life.