Your Pregnancy First Trimester Survival Kit Is Here

Being pregnant this winter and trying to manage first trimester sickness was not easy. My husband and I are expecting our first child in October!!! So from February until April, morning sickness was a daily battle.

The most severe symptom I had was being nauseous. The sight, smell and idea of eating food made me feel so sick.Here are a few things I used that helped, but nothing really took it away completely, except just getting to week 15.

1.) Salt Pills, specifically UNDA – Natrium Phosphoricum 6X (Salt).  It’s a homeopathic remedy that can help to relieve stomach acidity, indigestion, and heartburn and it did work. It didn’t eliminate the discomfort but it did reduce the symptoms to a more manageable level. I ended up going through about two bottles in the first trimester.

stomach salts

2.) Sea-bands! These were recommended to me by a good friend of mine and they really helped to manage the morning sickness. Sea-bands are wristbands that are clinically proven to decrease nausea that can come from morning sickness, even travel sickness, post-operative nausea, and chemotherapy treatment.

3.) Eat small frequent meals. Eating during my first trimester was terrible. There were days when I literally had to force feed myself. My husband had to help me with the cooking and was so good at taking care of me in those challenging 12 weeks of my first trimester.

4.) Ease up on the exercise. Let yourself off the hook and relax. The first trimester is when the placenta  is forming for your baby to live happily in your womb for the next 9 months. So just chill and let your body focus on doing what it needs to do to create your baby. Don’t get down on yourself if you are not feeling up to exercise. You will feel better soon!

Here is my favorite first trimester bible verse. It keeps me focused on caring for my baby during pregnancy in each and every way. Hopefully it will encourage you and inspire you in this new season of your life and remind you that God is with you and a part of this incredible process.

Psalm 139:13 “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

What advice do you have for getting through the first trimester and easing morning sickness? We’d love to hear what worked for you. Write your suggestions in the comments section below!