Vitamin D – 3 Health Benefits To Get Your Body Feeling Good This Winter

With snow in the air, I know it’s time to start taking my vitamin D. Winter without this precious and necessary nutrient can be harsh.

There are countless health benefits for the regular consumption or absorption of this Vitamin.

vitamin d

Some of the reasons why I’ve incorporated it into my winter diet regime are listed below:

  1. Vitamin D helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth!
  2. It’s also regulates insulin levels in the body and can actually assist with diabetes management.
  3. Vitamin D will keep your immune system strong! This is key in winter and might help you skip the flu altogether.

In the warmer months of the year, it’s been said that getting just 5-10 minutes of glorious sunshine 2-3 times a week will give the human body the amount of Vitamin D it needs.

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vitamin d drops
So, I encourage you, don’t miss out on vitamin D this winter. Your body needs it. Please also note that women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant should ask their primary physician before taking a vitamin D.

We’d love to hear from you. Do you take Vitamin D on a regular basis? And if so we’d love to hear how the supplement has improved your winter.