Winter Weddings – Don’t Write Off Getting Married In The Winter!

This winter I got married! It was wonderful for so many reasons, but before I share why from a wedding planning perspective I have to say that God has blessed me by bringing me an incredible husband. Which, regardless of the season of the year, made the wedding day extraordinary.

Back to the topic at hand, winter weddings. The venue for the reception was decorated without my help. The reception venue came complete with a Christmas tree and garland throughout! All I had to arrange were the candles. Also, the Church we were married in was decorated for Christmas too! It looked beautiful as there was garland and red ribbon everywhere, even a beautifully decorated tree!

It was truly a lovely day as I married my closest friend and celebrated our marriage day before God and with our family and close friends. Here are a few photos of my winter wedding! And if you are interested in buying my wedding dress, you can click here or click on any of the photos!